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best-looking men I have ever seen. He was six feet-
five in height, and had the most beautiful eyes. I
made great friends with Cooper. Schoedsack was
known as " Shorty "; he adored very small women.
Afterwards they both made the film " Chang," and
the last one, and I think the finest, is " Rango,"
which " Shorty " made himself. He is a man with
a most delightful sense of humour, as one can see in
" Rango." He went afterwards on the expedition
to the Sargasso Sea with Dr. Gann and, I think, is
now married. I have never seen either of them
since, but hope to do so some day.
I met Sinclair Lewis at the Dome. He was with
Stacy Aumonier, who is now dead. We had an
amusing evening, and told stories of all kinds.
Sinclair Lewis tells stories very well and has the
most remarkable ones about life in the Middle West.
He would come from time to time to the quarter
and bring Mr. Howe of Ellis Island fame. One
evening I came into the Dome and found Sinclair
Lewis and Mr. Howe. I was sitting with them when
in came two young American " College boys."
They were so impressed with meeting the great man
that they sat silently and listened to him. This was
quite right as he is well worth listening to. I had to
go out and dine with someone, and came back about
nine-thirty. I found, sitting at the back of the
D6me, the two " College boys," alone and looking
very frightened. I said, "What has happened to
you? " They unfolded the following extraordinary
story. They had a good many drinks, and foolishly
opened their mouths. One of them said, " Say, Mr.